Inspired by the Bournemouth Air Festival!

RAF bomber

Just got back from a great afternoon at the Bournemouth Air Festival, nice to see Bournemouth being really busy – the lovely weather helped! Watching all the old and new planes put on a display and I can see why I get a few requests to make plane/army themed cakes – here is a collection of a few of my favorites that I have made.

spitfire 2

Another plane that put on a display at the air show

40th Army Theme

40th Army Theme Birthday cake

Army Vehicle

Army Vehicle birthday cake

BA plane

quite a popular request the BA plane!


A real one would be nice, may just have to settle for the cake option!


Popular with boys – Young and Old!


Not quite a plane – but in the ball park.


Martin Air Craft cake

For more plane themed cakes see the website: Birthday cakes, or birthday cakes for boys

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