The Wedding Guest cake

This is probably one of my favorite wedding cakes., and I have made quite a few of them! The idea is that the wedding cake represents the guests at the wedding – it makes quite a talking point. The process of creating the cake is really enjoyable, not only for me, but also the bride. The bride to be starts to send in a layout of the table that is required, usually a top table, but some brides also choose multiple tables to have more guests represented. Then the bride send me the photos of each of the guests, and a description (sometimes very detailed) of what each guest will be wearing on the day. I can then match up all of the information and create a truly unique wedding cake. The feedback from the bride and groom is always fantastic, they say the guests are amazed to see them selves modeled in icing – and they don’t want to eat the figures (all of the figures are edible). As the top table wedding guest cake is relatively small, I also tend to supply extra cutting cakes that can be used if there are a lot of guests to feed. Here is a selection of some I have made recently: (More over on the website: Wedding cakes)