5 top tips on buying a wedding cake – By Fun Cakes

Organising a wedding is a very exciting  time, but it can also be a little bit stressful! So, try and remove some of the stress by following some simple advice. We have outlined 5 practical tips to help you buy your wedding cake……

Decide on how many you need to feed – this will help in the cake design

If you are only planing a small wedding with perhaps 30 guests, you may not need a 5 tier wedding cake, so sometimes the amount of guests you are intending to feed can lead to some natural choices about the size (and how many tiers) of the cake you might need. It is also important to think about when you are serving the cake, will it be as a dessert, or simply a slice for every guest – this will also be a consideration in the size of the cake, if serving as a dessert, the cake may need to be bigger.

Decide on a style you like

A wedding cake is a very personal choice, you can get lots of ideas from the internet, simply typing in “wedding cakes” into a search engine and then looking at the images is a great place to start, you will quickly find designs that you like, (and ones you don’t). Once you have a rough idea of the style, print out the images you like and take them to your cake maker.

Sit down and speak to your cake maker – discuss what you would like

After you have your images, your cake maker will be able to run through all the details with you, advising on the flavours available, portion sizing, height of cake and discussing any delivery issues – it is generally a good idea to find a cake make local to the venue (usually within approx 40 miles). Some multi tiered wedding cakes can be difficult to transport, so the less distance they need to travel the better!

Decide on your budget, and stick to it.

If you have a budget in mind, I would always let your cake maker know this in advance, wedding cakes can vary in price dramatically depending on lots of factors, so if you have a figure in mind, let people know before hand. It will ensure that you and your cake maker remain focused on designing the cake you like for the budget you have. It is very easy to get tempted to design a large extravagant cake that you then find you don’t have the budget for.

Order Early – many wedding cake makers can be booked up a year in advance

Most wedding cake makers will only make one wedding cake per weekend, mainly due to the time it takes to create a wedding cake. Adding all the details that the bride and groom desire, and simply not wanting to be distracted with anything else, when working on these very important cakes, all takes a lot of time. So, it is always advisable to speak to your cake maker as soon as you can, at least to get them booked in for your big day. The designs can often change up to a month or so before hand, but only if this is the only cake that the cake maker is making for your special day.

To get you started with some inspiration, here are a few of my favourite wedding cakes.


For more information, please see the Fun Cakes wedding cake buying guide , or take a look at some more wedding cake designs on the wedding cake page on my website, or contact Fun Cakes to arrange a wedding consultation.


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