The KFC family Bucket Cake!

Great idea by a client to base a birthday cake around a favorite meal, so I was asked to create a KFC family bucket cake, complete with drink and fries! Really pleased with the way it turned out…..

More Fun Cakes over on the birthday cake section of the website.


New Funcakes website!

I now have a new “mobile friendly” website! I have redesigned the whole site, but hopefully it still focuses on the photos of the cakes. It should be much easy to read on mobiles and tablets, whilst maintaining the desktop experience (or so I am told!) Any thoughts? These are some of the pages:

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Any thoughts? Please let me know what you think: (Good or bad!)

Great cakes over the last few months (up to March 2015)

Just a few of the cakes from the last few months, I have uploaded a lot more on my Flickr Channel:

Even more to see in the Birthday Cakes section of my website

Ninja Turtle

Ninja Turtle cake

2 tier star wars

2 tier star wars

2 tier Nemo

2 tier Nemo birthday cake







3 tier Disney Frozen

3 tier Disney Frozen

Casino wedding cake

Casino wedding cake

2 tier princess

2 tier princess







Adidas Trainers cake

Adidas Trainers

skittles cake


Hobbit cake

Hobbit cake






Iron Man

Iron Man

poppy christening

poppy christening cake

Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures cake

The Wedding Guest cake

This is probably one of my favorite wedding cakes., and I have made quite a few of them! The idea is that the wedding cake represents the guests at the wedding – it makes quite a talking point. The process of creating the cake is really enjoyable, not only for me, but also the bride. The bride to be starts to send in a layout of the table that is required, usually a top table, but some brides also choose multiple tables to have more guests represented. Then the bride send me the photos of each of the guests, and a description (sometimes very detailed) of what each guest will be wearing on the day. I can then match up all of the information and create a truly unique wedding cake. The feedback from the bride and groom is always fantastic, they say the guests are amazed to see them selves modeled in icing – and they don’t want to eat the figures (all of the figures are edible). As the top table wedding guest cake is relatively small, I also tend to supply extra cutting cakes that can be used if there are a lot of guests to feed. Here is a selection of some I have made recently: (More over on the website: Wedding cakes)

Football cakes

A favorite team?  Favorite player? The football cakes can be created to please the most discerning football fan. The most popular football themed cakes seem to be the football shirts of a favorite team. The name on the back of the shirt and the age is a great way to personalise the cake, and to make the cake extra special a caricature of the birthday boy or girl can be added to sit on the front of the cake! Alternatively, why not consider a round football cake, much like the one in the gallery below that I made for Harry Redknapp’s 60th birthday (This cake was commissioned by the sun newspaper). Other options might include the mascot of your favorite club, or maybe even a football stadium cake!

If you need a football cake to be a centre piece, but also need to feed a lot of people, you could consider matching cup cakes with the logo of your favorite team. Or simply just the colours of the team kit with the birthday boy/girl age on.

For more inspiration of sport themed cakes, take a look at the following pages on my website:  Sports themed birthday cakesbirthday cakes for boysbirthday cakes for girls

Inspired by the Bournemouth Air Festival!

RAF bomber

Just got back from a great afternoon at the Bournemouth Air Festival, nice to see Bournemouth being really busy – the lovely weather helped! Watching all the old and new planes put on a display and I can see why I get a few requests to make plane/army themed cakes – here is a collection of a few of my favorites that I have made.

spitfire 2

Another plane that put on a display at the air show

40th Army Theme

40th Army Theme Birthday cake

Army Vehicle

Army Vehicle birthday cake

BA plane

quite a popular request the BA plane!


A real one would be nice, may just have to settle for the cake option!


Popular with boys – Young and Old!


Not quite a plane – but in the ball park.


Martin Air Craft cake

For more plane themed cakes see the website: Birthday cakes, or birthday cakes for boys

August Update

Jungle birthday cake

Fun cake with an Animal theme!

August 2013 – Managed to squeeze in a quick holiday during early August – seems like a distant memory now! Back to the cakes as soon as the holiday is over with some great designs for a lego star wars cake, fun jungle themed wedding cake and cigar box cake! Birthday cake orders are coming thick and fast I am running out of last minute availability with a order time of back up to 5 weeks for weekend cakes. If you need a cake early in the week the cake, please give me a call – I always try to accommodate!

Birthday cakes have been the most popular type of cake ordered over the last few months, but I am now taking an increasing amount of wedding cake orders for both this summer and next summer, one order is even for the summer of 2015 – now that’s planning ahead!

Whilst we are talking about birthday cakes, you might like to know that the most popular birthday cake flavour this year is………Chocolate! It has been vanilla for sooooo long, but it is great to see more people experimenting with different flavours for the cakes. I have also made a few interesting mix cakes with Baileys cream, coconut, orange and toffee – must admit I am loving the toffee cakes.

More Birthday cakes next month, with football cakes, ipad cakes, a couple of large wedding cakes, a lovely girlie christening cake and some of my favorite children’s birthday cakes with a Thomas the Tank Engine cake, Lightening McQueen and a cricket cake.

Also, this month I have been experimenting with Pinterest, I have just created a new board and will be adding to it over the next few weeks, I have also added the logos on the home page of the website.

Welcome to the new Fun Cakes blog!

First a bit about me! I set up Fun Cakes a number of years ago to provide fun novelty cakes for the Southampton and Portsmouth area. Over the years I have created many cakes, but the most popular ones are categorised on my website ( as:

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