Baby Shower Cake – Brilliant Idea!

One of my customers requested a great cake this month (February 2014). It was a for a baby shower, but the parents didn’t want to know the sex of the baby….until they cut into the cake – pink sponge for a girl, or blue sponge for a boy! Penny (the mum to be) went for her scan and asked the nurse to write down the sex of the baby and seal it in an envelope, Penny then gave me the sealed envelope. I then opened the envelope, noted down the sex, resealed it and handed it back. I created the cake, in the desired decoration with the wording of “He? She? Open to See!” and coloured the sponge in the appropriate colour.

The family then gathered at the baby shower, and excitedly cut the cake! 

If you are wondering,……it was pink for a baby girl! (Congratulations Penny!)

This is such a great idea, and this is what the cake looked like. For more cakes related to christening/baby showers see the christening cakes page

Baby shower cake

Boy or a girl?

Baby shower cake - its a girl!

Baby shower cake – its a girl!

Baby shower cake - cutting the cake

Baby shower cake – cutting the cake

The Wedding Guest cake

This is probably one of my favorite wedding cakes., and I have made quite a few of them! The idea is that the wedding cake represents the guests at the wedding – it makes quite a talking point. The process of creating the cake is really enjoyable, not only for me, but also the bride. The bride to be starts to send in a layout of the table that is required, usually a top table, but some brides also choose multiple tables to have more guests represented. Then the bride send me the photos of each of the guests, and a description (sometimes very detailed) of what each guest will be wearing on the day. I can then match up all of the information and create a truly unique wedding cake. The feedback from the bride and groom is always fantastic, they say the guests are amazed to see them selves modeled in icing – and they don’t want to eat the figures (all of the figures are edible). As the top table wedding guest cake is relatively small, I also tend to supply extra cutting cakes that can be used if there are a lot of guests to feed. Here is a selection of some I have made recently: (More over on the website: Wedding cakes)

Football cakes

A favorite team?  Favorite player? The football cakes can be created to please the most discerning football fan. The most popular football themed cakes seem to be the football shirts of a favorite team. The name on the back of the shirt and the age is a great way to personalise the cake, and to make the cake extra special a caricature of the birthday boy or girl can be added to sit on the front of the cake! Alternatively, why not consider a round football cake, much like the one in the gallery below that I made for Harry Redknapp’s 60th birthday (This cake was commissioned by the sun newspaper). Other options might include the mascot of your favorite club, or maybe even a football stadium cake!

If you need a football cake to be a centre piece, but also need to feed a lot of people, you could consider matching cup cakes with the logo of your favorite team. Or simply just the colours of the team kit with the birthday boy/girl age on.

For more inspiration of sport themed cakes, take a look at the following pages on my website:  Sports themed birthday cakesbirthday cakes for boysbirthday cakes for girls

Birthday cake for the boys (young and not so young!)

Boys Birthday cakes

Some great cakes made for the boys, lots of inspiration for great ideas taken from sport, novelty, cars, films, TV characters and much more! Do you have a favorite? More over on the website – birthday cake for boys

Wedding Cakes – inspiring designs!

Wedding cakes – designs to inspire you!

The wedding cake is a very special cake, it is a focal point on your wedding day for your friends and family to capture that “never to be forgotten” moment when you (the happy couple) cut your cake. This photo always appears in the wedding album! So choosing a wedding cake, is a big decision, do you have fruit, sponge or a mixture of both over different tiers. Do you have a classic three-tier wedding cake or a more contemporary style wedding cake which reflects your personalities? Many of these choices will depend on how many you need to feed, not many people choose a huge 5 tier cake, if there are only 50 guests attending the wedding!

Here are some of my favorite wedding cakes, lots more can be seen on the wedding cakes page of my website.

18th Birthday Cakes

An 18th Birthday cake is a very special cake! It marks the coming of age, and usually a good party – and where ever there is a good party there is a great cake! The  18 numbered cakes are a great idea for a party cake, as they will feed around 50 – 60 people, and can be decorated to include special themes that are important to the birthday boy or girl. Here is a selection of my favorite 18th birthday cakes, lots more can be seen on my website – try start at the Birthday cake page:

Numbered cakes don’t need to be just for 18th Birthdays, you can also celebrate 21st Birthdays, 40th, 60th or why not try a 100 cake!

18th Birthday cake for a Sun Bather

18th Birthday cake for a Sun Bather

2 Tier 18th Birthday cake for Girls

2 Tier 18th Birthday cake for Girls

Fishing themed cake for an 18th Birthday

Fishing themed cake for an 18th Birthday

18th Birthday Flower and Butterfly's

18th Birthday Flower and Butterfly’s

Here are some other good examples of 18th Birthday cakes:

5 Birthday cakes for girls

Here is a selection of my top 5 birthday cakes for girls.  I think the Peppa Pig Birthday Cake is my favorite – fun and lots of bright colours!

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake

Bag and Shoe Birthday Cake

Bag and Shoe Birthday Cake

Make up birthday cake

Make up birthday cake

Peppa Pig and Family Birthday Cake

Peppa Pig and Family

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake for girls

Lots more birthday cakes for girls can be seen on my website – lots of great cakes ideas for girls (young and not so young!)

Do you have favorite? Perhaps one of the above, or let me know a new theme?  Vote below….

Next time, special 18th Birthday cakes! (see some on the website now)

Inspired by the Bournemouth Air Festival!

RAF bomber

Just got back from a great afternoon at the Bournemouth Air Festival, nice to see Bournemouth being really busy – the lovely weather helped! Watching all the old and new planes put on a display and I can see why I get a few requests to make plane/army themed cakes – here is a collection of a few of my favorites that I have made.

spitfire 2

Another plane that put on a display at the air show

40th Army Theme

40th Army Theme Birthday cake

Army Vehicle

Army Vehicle birthday cake

BA plane

quite a popular request the BA plane!


A real one would be nice, may just have to settle for the cake option!


Popular with boys – Young and Old!


Not quite a plane – but in the ball park.


Martin Air Craft cake

For more plane themed cakes see the website: Birthday cakes, or birthday cakes for boys