5 Birthday cakes for girls

Here is a selection of my top 5 birthday cakes for girls.  I think the Peppa Pig Birthday Cake is my favorite – fun and lots of bright colours!

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake

Bag and Shoe Birthday Cake

Bag and Shoe Birthday Cake

Make up birthday cake

Make up birthday cake

Peppa Pig and Family Birthday Cake

Peppa Pig and Family

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake for girls

Lots more birthday cakes for girls can be seen on my website – lots of great cakes ideas for girls (young and not so young!)

Do you have favorite? Perhaps one of the above, or let me know a new theme?  Vote below….

Next time, special 18th Birthday cakes! (see some on the website now)


August Update

Jungle birthday cake

Fun cake with an Animal theme!

August 2013 – Managed to squeeze in a quick holiday during early August – seems like a distant memory now! Back to the cakes as soon as the holiday is over with some great designs for a lego star wars cake, fun jungle themed wedding cake and cigar box cake! Birthday cake orders are coming thick and fast I am running out of last minute availability with a order time of back up to 5 weeks for weekend cakes. If you need a cake early in the week the cake, please give me a call – I always try to accommodate!

Birthday cakes have been the most popular type of cake ordered over the last few months, but I am now taking an increasing amount of wedding cake orders for both this summer and next summer, one order is even for the summer of 2015 – now that’s planning ahead!

Whilst we are talking about birthday cakes, you might like to know that the most popular birthday cake flavour this year is………Chocolate! It has been vanilla for sooooo long, but it is great to see more people experimenting with different flavours for the cakes. I have also made a few interesting mix cakes with Baileys cream, coconut, orange and toffee – must admit I am loving the toffee cakes.

More Birthday cakes next month, with football cakes, ipad cakes, a couple of large wedding cakes, a lovely girlie christening cake and some of my favorite children’s birthday cakes with a Thomas the Tank Engine cake, Lightening McQueen and a cricket cake.

Also, this month I have been experimenting with Pinterest, I have just created a new board and will be adding to it over the next few weeks, I have also added the logos on the home page of the website.